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Our Individualized, Comprehensive Approach to Website Design
We offer an individualized and comprehensive approach to website design that goes far beyond the typical graphics and technology. Websites are complex. A well-built, successful website requires a team approach with technical, artistic, and marketing skills in addition to expertise in the organization of information, content, search engine strategy, user-friendly layout and other components listed below (scroll down to see Website Components throughout the Website Life Cycle).

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User-Friendly Website Design & Redesign & Website Maintenance
We will take your content and develop it into a polished, professional website that will

  • guide your visitors to find information or complete tasks quickly and easily
  • increase traffic to your site
  • increase your business credibility on the web
Our custom websites are built with maximum flexibility/adaptability—enabling future layout, graphic, and content changes for many years (you won’t have to redesign your website every two years). Over the past 10 years we have developed a process that fits in with your busy schedule. We will explain in plain language during the process what you need to know. You will be able to watch development online so there won’t be any surprises at the end. Most clients request our website maintenance services after the website launch. We have an exceptional record of reliable, prompt, and friendly customer service throughout the website development process and maintenance after the launch.
Please see our Professional Web Management below

Domain Names, Website Hosting
We follow best practices and help you setup your own hosting and domain name accounts. This provides you with maximum control of your website and domain name. We recommend only reliable, national website hosting with 24/7 telephone support. What should shared website hosting cost? Typical pricing for shared hosting, including a typical database, is currently about $125/year.

  • What is a reseller hosting account and how can I avoid it? Ask us.
  • Are you are paying a lot more than $10-$15/month for hosting your website? Let’s find out why.
  • Need help choosing a domain name? Ask us.

Professional Web Management
Over time there will be areas of your website that need to be modified or updated—as your business needs change, technology changes, and our society changes. Professional expertise can keep your website looking professional throughout its life cycle. Template websites that are maintained by DIYs (do-it-yourself) quickly loose their professionalism over time due to lack of web expertise/resources.

International web expert Gerry McGovern discusses amateur web management: "content management software has often lead to worse websites because it can facilitate the rapid publishing of low quality content."

Website Components throughout the Website Life Cycle

Website Development Arrow Site Launch Arrow Website Maintenance Professionally Managed
  · Website requirements
· Discovery
· Hosting & domain
· Logo & branding
· Professional graphics
· Information architecture
· User-friendly, usability
· Navigation & layout
· Content
· Content strategy
· Marketing message
· Technology
· Social media
· Desktop, tablet, mobile
· Browser compatibility
· Testing
· Search engine optimization SEO
· Accessibility for disability
· Emergency service: nights, weekends, holidays
·Preserving professional
   content, design
· Content and image updates
· New pages
· Update navigation
· Update Information architecture
· User-friendly, usability
· Changes to layout
· Email
· Forms
· Logo or branding updates
· Marketing
· HTML Newsletters
· Mobile site
· Technology updates
· Analytics, statistics
· Social media
· Testing, troubleshooting
· Whois Data
· Security, check for hacking
· Browser compatibility
· Update broken links
· Search engine optimization
· Database backup
· Redesign
· Hosting issues, FTP down
· Billing: hosting, domains
· Accessibility for disability