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211 Software and Website Development
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Compare pros and cons of template websites to custom HTML sites.

Custom WebHelp offers a personalized, comprehensive approach to website development that includes content strategy, information architecture, user-friendly layout, your marketing message, SEO, and required accessibility. We listen carefully to your needs, document your specifications, and explain in plain language what you need to know to make good decisions during development. You will be able to view all development online. After launch, we provide reliable, prompt, and friendly website maintenance for all your website needs.

"Tempting as it may be to design once and use twice, it can result in a subpar user experience for one of the platforms, and maybe for both of them. Providing content and feature parity across devices is a great goal, but it doesn’t mean that all the UI elements and the design must also stay exactly the same. Each UI platform has different capabilities leading to different design requirements for an optimized user experience. Serving users on multiple platforms requires a multiplatform design strategy." Read article

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Our custom 211 software works with your iCarol database and AIRS taxonomy for a better user experience. Features include 4 options for searching or browsing resources and filters by county, zip code, and category.

Ask how you can avoid the costly cyle of website redesigns.
Our custom websites are built with maximum flexibility to enable graphic, layout, navigation, and content changes for years. Website visitors will keep coming back to a user-friendly website where they can quickly find information and complete what they need to.

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