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211, Information and Referral resource directory sites, see live sites
211 CNY Help Me Grow Tailored to meet our needs
"Custom WebHelp goes above and beyond to develop a website that your organization will be proud of."
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Laurie Black
President, Early Childhood Alliance
(Help Me Grow Syracuse)
Outstanding Customer Service
"Excellent balance of people and technical skills that make for a great website support. I recommend using Custom WebHelp for your website needs."
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Deborah Turner
Program Director, 211 LIFE LINE

211 Lifeline
211 CNY Disability Compare and See the Difference
"Custom WebHelp is wonderful extension of our team! They understand and support our mission, are easy to work with and responsive to all of our requests. We are extremely happy with all ..."
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Cheryl Giarrusso
Director, Crisis Intervention Services
211CNY, Contact Community Services

Our flexible, custom 211 websites allow you to choose your own categories, topics and subtopics—you are not limited to iCarol’s PRD keywords—providing your visitors a better experience.

Custom 211 features include

  • Ability to add agency sites or minisites to your 211, example agency site Help Me Grow
  • User-friendly summaries on search results pages so visitors know at a glance without having to click on each link
  • Beautiful resource pages formatted to your specifications
  • Flexible category pages can include images, videos, text, alerts
  • Resources are organized in 3-levels, categories, topics, and subtopics and are not limited to iCarol PRD keywords
  • Search
    • popular topics
    • county map links to county resources
    • browse ALL topics in AIRS taxonomy
    • search any word, not restricted to iCarol keywords
    • search results sorted by county, zip code
  • Google translation into other languages
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